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Overview - Short bio:

FATHOM - Performance Space, Carriageworks 2011

Dean is an award-winning Australian contemporary dance and performance practitioner. He has been at the forefront of many significant shifts within the Australian arts and cultural landscape since 1991, having been significantly involved in the national contemporary dance, performance and disability-inclusive communities, major queer performance forums and the arts and environmental science sector - all progressive developments throughout his career.

In 2018 he has already created a new full-length (60-minute) solo, Threshold:NRC, for PACT Theatre's inaugural inter-generational program called AFTERGLOW: Generations. This was on a double bill with rising choreographic talent, Cloé Fournier. He and his partner Andrew Batt-Rawden have just performed a 15-minute duet distillation of Threshold:NRC called Dying to Sea for the 3rd annual Sydney Festival of Death and Dying performance even, the 'Mortality Performance Night'. Dean is currently developing ideas for another full-length solo, Remote Control, he has been invited to make and present for the newly refurbished East Sydney Community and Arts Centre as part of their annual performance program 'The Flying Nun'. This will be presented on November 23rd and 24th.

Between 1991 and 2008, Dean's focus was on devising performance works - over 20 solo and group - wrestling themes relevant to; war veterans and their families, survivors of domestic violence (including homophobia and sexual abuse), dissecting notions of Australian masculinity and themes relevant to the Australian LGBTIQ community. He now openly identifies as living with both acquired and congenital 'hidden’ disability - high functioning autism, ADHD and complex trauma disorder. He is a passionate advocate for the promotion of a national awareness on accessible arts practice and the support needed for individuals and smaller companies to fully, and authentically, engage their own practice in the arts an achievable, equitable and higher standard in how works made by or featuring PLWD is embraced as seriously as the rest of the community.

Since 2009, and assisted by a prestigious Australia Council for the Arts two-year dance fellowship (2011-2012), Dean has developed an interdisciplinary, marine-environmentally influenced movement methodology and renowned practice known as PrimeOrderly. Utilizing this, he choreographs new work, facilitates movement classes and workshops and presents lecture-type demonstrations at arts and environmental events, including the World Parks Congress 2014. held in Sydney at Olympic Park Conference Centres.

Since 2010 Dean has worked with several disability-inclusive companies, including Restless Dance Theatre (Adelaide), Murmuration (Sydney) and has been a key collaborator with performance ensemble, RUCKUS since 2011 and in 2016 toured with them to Epic Arts in Cambodia. He has also instigated several successful workshops under his own practice.

Several of his works have toured nationally and internationally. In tandem with his extensive solo career, he has worked for companies; ADT (Adelaide) and Stalker Theatre (Sydney, as choreographer + performer), DV8 Physical Theatre (London) & No Apology (Amsterdam) - both made possible through his being awarded the coveted Sir Robert Helpmann Scholarship 2002 - among many other reputable project-based Australian companies.

Buoyant space, self contained - 30 metres below (100 ft) South Solitary Island, off Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2014


Dean would like to acknowledge that, since 1991, his dance and performance practice and its sustained development, for over more than 25 years now, has been generously supported in-kind, indirect and / or in direct financial assistance by the following agencies and organisations.

The Performance Space
The Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts
CreateNSW (formerly ArtsNSW)
Critical Path
FORM Dance Projects
National Science Week 2013
Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences
IMAS - Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies
Living Data
Sydney Science Festival
Bundanon Trust
One Extra Dance Company


Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Arts Festival
PRIDE Centre, Sydney
Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
The Sydney Dance Company
Expressions Dance Company
Brand X / Queen St Studios
DanScience Festival / QUT
tranSTURM Collective
Univeristy of Technology, Sydney
Macquarie University
University of Sydney
University of NSW