Other company

other company works I have performed in

2002 to 2005 - DV8 Physical Theatre - https://www.dv8.co.uk
London-based 3 research and development periods for new large-scale work 'Just For Show' between late 2002 and 2004 and into presentation in Prague, the Czech Republic, in late 2005. Remounted in January - February 2005 into a world tour. I completed the Taiwan leg. 

2004 - No Apology Co - http://www.strutdance.org.au/our-vision/staff/paul-selwyn-norton-director
Amsterdam-based 3 month research and development period with for new group work 'Luxury Item' into premiere, choreographed by Dutch-English artist, Paul Selwyn Norton (now artistic director of STRUT Dance in Perth. The Amsterdam season was followed by a tour of the Netherlands and a season at Korzo Productions in Den Haag (The Hague).

2002 - ADT (Australian Dance Theatre) - https://www.adt.org.au
Dancer in 'Age Of Unbeauty' production, choreographed by ADT Artistic Director, Garry Stewart for Adelaide Festival. Remounted in later in 2002 for Spring Dance Festival in Sydney, presented at Sydney Opera House in the Drama Theatre. 

2000 - The Opera Project Inc. - https://www.facebook.com/Nigel-Kellaway-The-opera-Project-Inc-534738143203173
The Rameau Project directed by Opera Project Artistic Director, Nigel Kellaway, Rex Cramphorn Studio. 2 development stages only.

1998 - The Opera Project Inc. https://bundanon.com.au/residents/the-opera-project-inc
The Terror of Tosca directed by Nigel Kellaway, Performance Space.

1997 - Performing Creatures - http://performinglineswa.org.au/2013/11/interview-nikki-heywood
'Inland Sea' (referencing Min the Body Weather methodology of moving). Directed by Body Weather practitioner and performer, Nikki Heywood. Performance Space.

1997 - The Song Company / Nigel Kellaway - http://song.company  -  http://www.nigelkellaway.com
Large-scale site-specific work by Martin and Peter Wesley-Smith, directed by Nigel Kellaway, The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior for Sydney Festival. National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, NSW.

1997 - The Opera Project Inc.
The Berlioz: Our Vampires Ourselves, in collaboration with Nigel Kellaway, Annette Tesoriero, premiered at Performance Space.

1996 - One Extra Company
'Tent of Miracles' directed by One Extra Company Artistic Director, Graeme Watson. Dramaturg, Kai Tai Chan. Newtown Theatre, Sydney.

1995 - Performing Creatures
A 90-minute collaborative work 'Burn Sonata' (referencing Min the Body Weather methodology of moving). Directed by Body Weather practitioner and performer, Nikki Heywood. Performance Space, Cleveland Street, Sydney then toured to Adelaide Festival 1999. Jill Sykes wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald - "Almost unbearably good. Its exploration of dysfunctional family life is carried out with such searing theatricality that the performers' movement becomes a language of innermost thoughts, emotions and fears that would never dare be spoken." Original cast - Clare Grant, Benjamin Grieve, Claire Hague, Tony Osbourne, Dean Walsh.

1994 - FRIGHT! - https://www.ausstage.edu.au/pages/event/28977
A large-scale collaboration between Sidetrack Performance Group and director Nigel Kellaway. Enmore Theatre, Newtown, Sydney.

1993 - One Extra Company - http://trove.nla.gov.au/people/726053?c=people  -  http://www.ausstage.edu.au/pages/event/18139
'Blossoms and Wrinkles' a collaborative work co-directed by Graeme Watson and Chrissie Koltai. Dramaturg, Kai Tai Chan. Upstairs Belvoir St Theatre, Sydney.

1993 - Cake Eaters Productions
'Hydrofiction' - invited by Angharad Wynne-Jones, then director of Performance Space to create a duet 'Two Ladies Sip Tea in a Dinghy' with Matthew Bergan for this massive-scale site-specific work co-produced by Cake Eaters Productions and Performance Space. More than 40 performers, technicians, sound & visual artists and their invited audience came together to survey the hydroscapes and activate the foreshores of Sydney Harbour in a filmic thriller cruise highlighted with aquatic choreography and oral/aural stimulation.

1992 - Big Bang Theory Company - https://www.ausstage.edu.au/pages/event/16645
'Fred and Ginger Get Laid' choreographed by BBTC director, Garry Stewart. Upstairs Belvoirs Street Theatre, for the 1992 Sydney LGBTIQ Mardi Gras Cultural Festival.

1991 - Darc Swan Company
10-month extensive national tour of regional NSW, Victoria and Queensland. Three 60-minute dance-in-education works (for ages 6 to 18) choreographed by company artistic director, Chris Jannides.