Grants and awards

grants and Awards Since 1995:

2014 (April-May) - Critical Path* through ArtsNSW*
This more lengthy 3-week residency, as part of the Investigate/Extend stream of residencies, explored a specific set of movement modalities from my PrimeOrderly methodology and filtred them through a set 30-hour durational scored process known as DIPPED to investigate how marine science data collection processes might meet with their choreographic counterparts and to what end this could serve the choreographic process of planned future work/s. 

2012 (February) - Critical Path* through ArtsNSW*
This 2-week residency closed my Australia Council 2-year dance fellowship. It offered me a chance to distill some key points of research interest with 7 dancers (emerging and established) and try out some group compositions through modality-based processes.

2012 - ArtsNSW through FORM Dance Projects
Project Funding for the development and presentation of 'PRIME: ORDERLY (a new beginning: multiple transformations)'. A full evening work encompassing two trios: 'See AnEnemy' and 'Under Pressure'.

2011 (November) - Critical Path through ArtsNSW*
Presentation of 'iSell-fish' for SEAM Symposium: Action and Agency, presented at The Drill Hall, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

2010 - Australia Council Dance Fellowship 2011-2012
A 2-year fellowship to deepen and expand upon my developing movement taxonomy / choreographic referencing system 'Foreign Language' into an entire research-led dance practice. In this period I renamed 'Foreign Language' to the more apt title, 'PrimeOrderly'.

2009 (September) - Critical Path residency grant
In this 2-week residency I investigated and develop aspects of 'Foreign Language' (later PrimeOrderly) system further and incorporate more zoomorphic components (assigning animal attributes and physiology), after having spoken at length to two marine biologists during a 3-day 'liveaboard' scuba diving expedition.

2009 - Project Grant, ArtsNSW
Through Carriageworks, Sydney for the presentation of group work 'A Loving Captive' season. Co-directed with Jeff Stein.

2008 - Project Grant, Australia Council, ArtsNSW, various private donations and a $10,000 contribution from Australian Department of Defence
For stage 3 development and presentation of large-scale interactive media group work, 'Back From Front', Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney.

2007 (June) - Critical Path residency grant
2 week residency to investigate potential for creating a new choreographic referencing system that could encapsulate the key aspects of my own practice history and where it has been significantly intercepted and influenced by other methodologies and my interests in marine realms and sub-surface human and animal activities. I called this system 'Foreign Language' which later developed into 'PrimeOrderly'.

2006 - Project Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
4 week development stage 2 Back From Front group work held in IO Myres Theatre UNSW.

2006 (April) - Critical Path residency grant
2 week residency to research potentials of cross performance disciplines and methodologies between mine and theatre director Jeff Stein's practices. This was the projenitor of our work, 'A Loving Captive', presented by Carriageworks in early 2009.

2005 - Project Grant, ArtsNSW and Australia Council
Through One Extra Company for 'Grounded On Air' development and presentation.

2003 - Project Grant, ArtsNSW
4 week development stage 1 of Back From Front group work. Developed at IO Myers Theatre, UNSW and The Drill (later becoming known as Critical Path).

2002 - Project Grant, Australia Council and ArtsNSW and a commission from International Gay Games Cultural Festival committee.
Through One Extra Company for development and presentation of 'Flesh: Memo' - 

2002 - Sir Robert Helpmann Scholarship
Travel to UK and Europe for research - ArtsNSW -

2002 - Ausdance National Dance Award
Most Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer 2002 for Australian Dance Theatre's 'Age of Unbeauty'. Presentation at Sydney Opera House.

2000 - Project Grant, ArtsNSW
For development and presentation in the 'Foursome' project via One Extra Company - ArtsNSW

2000 - Project Grant, Australia Council and ArtsNSW
For re-development and presentation of 3 earlier works for New Moves International Dance Festival, Glasgow, Scotland.

2001 - Project Grant, ArtsNSW
For involvement in 'Space for Ideas' choreographic research project, held at Sydney Dance Company studios over 3 weeks. Facilitator - UK choreographer, Jonathan Burrows. This project was the progenitor for Critical Path (now the national choreographic research centre, located in Sydney).

1998 - Individual Development Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
For 'Butterfly Football' project - Artistic Consultant Victoria Spence.

1996 - Australia Council for the Arts and ArtsNSW
Through Performance Space for cLUB bENT UK National Tour.

1995 - Australia Council for the Arts
Through Performance Space for Four On The Floor national tour: Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

* ArtsNSW has recently been consolidated into a new system now known as Create NSW
* Critical Path is Australia's leading centre for choreographic research and dance development, located in Sydney -

Our audience watching Matt Shillcock and Mel Tyquin during the performance of 'The Likes of Me' for Underbelly Arts Festival Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour 2014.